Lucid Pillar Candles


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Lucid Pillar candles have the unmistakable allure of a real flame but never melt or drip wax. Candle body is made of heavy duty nylon and won’t melt in the sun, warp, fade or chip. All Pillars are 3″ diameter.


Black, Natural, Sand, Slate Blue, Sage, Cypres, Ruby, Indigo, Honey, Khaki


4", 6", 8"

Additional Features

Made in USA. Lucid Liquid sold separately.

4" pillar burns 24 hrs between refills
6" pillar burns 48 hrs between refills
8" pillar burns 60 hrs between refills

Lucid Candles are fragrance free.
Lucid Fragrant Stones & Oil can be used to add aroma


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