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Artists Pop-Ups

to appear or occur suddenly

Embark on a journey through the diverse and vibrant world of Laguna Beach’s artistic community. Our artist pop-ups feature a multitude of talented creators spanning a spectrum of mediums, from captivating mixed media and intricate metalwork to masterful woodcraft and stunning leather jewelry. Each artist brings their unique vision and expertise to the table, collectively weaving a tapestry of creativity that reflects the spirit of our coastal town.

In addition to visual artistry, our pop-ups also spotlight the best musical talent Laguna Beach has to offer. From soulful melodies to infectious rhythms, immerse yourself in a symphony of sounds that reverberates throughout our community.

Stay tuned for our quarterly pop-ups, where you can experience the dynamic energy and boundless creativity of our collective tribe of artists and musicians. Join us as we celebrate the arts and the rich tapestry of talent that defines Laguna Beach.

ppsssssttt…. did you know we have a whole tribe of artist friends? We’re talking mad talent. You never know who’ll pop up next.  Fine Art, Mixed Media, Metal Art, Wood, Leather, Jewelry, and always alongside some of the best Musical Talent in town. Stay tuned for quarterly guest artist pop-ups coming soon (some may involve roller skates!)